Applicants now may apply to the existing MA TCFL (Teaching Chinese as
a Foreign Luanguge) program for the second semester
(SY 2017-2018).

Application Procedures and
View the Basic Eligibility Requirements for Admission to the Graduate School

See if you are qualified.

1.     The applicant obtains an Application Form from the Office of the
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and pays P 200 for the application
fee. Alternatively, the applicant may download and print the Application
and Recommendation Forms (from this link
<>) and
the application fees paid upon filing of the application.

2.     The applicant fills out and submits the forms together with the
other requirements by the deadlines set by the Office of the Associate Dean
for Graduate Programs. *Application deadline will be set earlier -- 31
August 2017.*

3.     Each filled-out Application Form should be accompanied by:

a.     One (1) photocopy of the filled-out Form

b.     Two (2) copies of personal essay (topic is indicated in the
application form)

c.     Two (2) photocopies of the applicant’s official transcript of
undergraduate and graduate records (if applicable)

d.     Four (4) colored 2” x 2” size ID pictures

e.     Three (3) duly accomplished Recommendation Forms

f.      Two (2) photocopies of the applicant’s birth certificate

g.     Two (2) photocopies of marriage certificate (for married women)


a.     One (1) photocopy of official *Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) *Level 4,
5 or 6 certificate with score of at least 180 points dated no earlier than
August 2015. (For Chinese native speakers, please consult by phone)

b.     If you do not posses the above requirement, you must take the
official HSK examination at Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Schools (Venue: TBA)*. To register, please visit this page.

4.     The applicant is required to take the entrance test. Entrance tests
are administered by the Fr. Jaime Bulatao, S.J. Center for Psychology
Services (Bulatao Center) at the Loyola Heights campus and provincial
testing centers. A list of testing dates at the various testing centers is
posted on

5.     The applicant may be interviewed by the Department Chair that offers
the graduate program. The interview is scheduled after the applicant has
filed the application and taken the entrance tests.

6.     After the applicant has completed the above steps, the applicant
will be notified by the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in due time
whether the applicant will be admitted or not into the program applied for.

7.      The accepted applicant is given one month to submit the following
admission credentials:

a.     Original undergraduate and graduate transcript of records bearing
the original signature of the registrar and school seal. Transcripts from
the Philippine schools should bear the notation, “Copy for the Ateneo de
Manila University - Loyola Schools”

b.     Transfer Credentials/Honorable Dismissal Certificate issued by the
school where the applicant was last enrolled effective upon the applicant’s
initial enrollment in Graduate Studies

c.     Special Order Number and Certificate of Graduation (as needed).

*You may view**Graduate Level Tuition and Fees from this link.*
Graduate Students Registration

1.    Registration is held during a designated period prior to the
beginning of each semester.  Registration information is issued by the
Office of the Registrar.

2.   Admission requirements must be completed before registration. Students
who do not submit all of the necessary credentials on time may only be
admitted provisionally.

3.   For old students, departments set a schedule for advisement of
subjects before each registration period.  New students are advised at
their home department before enlisting for subjects during the registration

4.         A student’s list of officially registered courses on the Ateneo
Integrated Student Information System (A.I.S.I.S.) is the official record
of subjects in which the student is enrolled. Changes must be accomplished
by the student on the official load revision form available for download at

5.         Students should complete the registration process to be
considered officially enrolled. The complete registration process involves:

            a.   Enlistment in advised classes

            b.   Payment of the assessed fees

            c.   ID validation

A student must be officially enrolled to participate in classes, e.g., join
groups, submit papers, or take exams. Only students who are officially
enrolled are entitled to grades at the end of the semester or term. If
there are any special circumstances that prevent a student from completing
registration, he/she should immediately see the School Registrar.

Other related concerns about application may be read here:  ADMU Graduate
Programs FAQ <>

Hanban Scholarship Application Requirements

The Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban has allocated an annual
scholarship subsidy for Filipino citizens. This will be in the form of 50%
tuition fee subsidy and full subsidy for basic and miscellaneous fees.

Applicants must submit the following:

1.     Application essay detailing why they deserve to receive the

2.     Curriculum Vitae highlighting Mandarin Chinese teaching experience

3.     Two recommendation letters from professors, school heads, or
department heads.

Applicants must submit the above to Ateneo
Confucius Institute office.

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed after the departmental
interviews. Accepted scholars must maintain an average grade of B+
throughout the course of study and must not have any failing marks. They
must also complete the program in two years.

Other Financial Aid Grants by the University

You may also apply for other available grants available through AdMU.  You
may view them from this link

Summary of Procedure:

1.    Register for the HSK (if you do not have a valid certificate yet)

2.    Take the HSK Exam

3.    Submit ADMU Graduate School Requirements

4.    Submit Scholarship Requirements (if desired)

5.    Take the Entrance Exams

6.    If necessary, sit in departmental interview

7.    If necessary, sit in scholarship interview

8.    Applicant will be notified of results

9.    Registration

Entrance Exam Dates (Register now!)

Starting first week of October

Department Chair interview and Scholarship Application interview