Sun Yat-sen University “2019 ‘Belt and Road’ Undergraduate Scholarship Programme for International Students” (Only for recommendations by institutions)

Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) is an important base for conducting scientific research, inheriting cultural and academic traditions and training high-level talents in South China. Being one of the leading universities in China and the world as well, SYSU is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary university. It enjoys a profound tradition of international cooperation and exchange in education with universities outside its home country. To improve its educational influence in the region in an overall way and to attract more students from all over the world, SYSU has set up the “Undergraduate Scholarship Programme for International Students”, in support of outstanding students from countries along the Belt and Road to pursue bachelor’s degrees at SYSU.

1. Entrance Requirements:

(1) Applicants should be non-Chinese with a valid foreign passport, and meet requirements in the “Notice of Regulating Admission of International Students in Colleges and Universities” ([2009]83).

(2) Applicants should be in good health and aged between 18 to 25 (date of birth between 1stJanuary, 1993 to 30thAugust, 2001).

(3) Applicants should be friendly towards China, law-abiding, studious and well-conducted, without any records of violation of Chinese laws, regulations or school rules.

(4) Applicants should be high school graduates, with their grades ranking among the top, or with excellence in social services, sports, music, cultural activities or leadership.

(5) Language Proficiency:

a. Liberal Arts, Science, Engineering and Medical Science, Economics, Managerial Science Majors: HSK 5 Certificate (with 180 points or above) or other equivalent Chinese Learning Certificates;

b. Applicants who complete high school education with Chinese as the language of instruction should submit certificates of Chinese language proficiency issued by their schools and can be exempted from providing HSK Certificates after SYSU’s verification;

c. Outstanding applicants who apply for the programme without adequate Chinese language proficiency must take a Chinese preparatory course for one academic year. Upon the completion of the course and the satisfaction of the language entry requirements, they can begin their undergraduate studies with Chinese as the language of instruction.

(6) Applicants should obtain a recommendation letter issued by the recommendation institutions* (refer to Appendix 1 for details) and be responsible for its authenticity.

2. Application Deadline: 30 april 2019

3. Application Procedure:

(1) Online application:

Before 10th April, 2019, applicants should submit all application documents to the recommendation institutions in their home countries to obtain recommendation letters. Between 1st March, 2019 and 30th April, 2019, they should sign up on, sign in to fill in the application form under the “SYSU scholarship” programme in an accurate and complete manner, and upload scanned copies of all supporting documents as required (Only PDF, JPG, JPEG and PNG files are acceptable, and each file size should not exceed 2MB).To complete the application, applicants should click the “submit” button.

All supporting documents and requirements are as follows (Those supporting documents that are not in Chinese or English should be accompanied by a formal certified translation in Chinese or English):

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 6.05.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 6.06.28 PM.png

Recommendation letter requests must be directed to the Chinese Director of the Ateneo Confucius Institute Dr. Liang Guanghan. You may send her an e-mail at The above documents must be attached.

Apart from all the above supporting documents, applicants should also submit all other supporting documents or information accordingly as required by SYSU.

(2) Note:

a. After submitting the Application Form online, applicants do not need to send any duplicate copies of the supporting documents to SYSU in person or by post.

b. The uploaded scanned copies of all supporting documents in the application system should be clear and readable. If the supporting documents fail to meet the requirements, the application will not be processed.

c. Applicants should select two majors, indicating the order of sequence. During the processing of the application, SYSU will consider the majors accordingly. However, after admission, any change of major before registration is not allowed. Only after the completion of the courses in the first term of the major can scholarship recipients apply for changing their majors and attend the annual selection tests or interviews organized by SYSU in accordance with SYSU’s regulations on the management of undergraduate enrolment.

d. Applicants should provide the name of the recommendation institutions, and names and contact information of referees on the application system. During the processing of the application, SYSU might verify applicants’ information by contacting the recommendation institutions.

e. Applicants should give correct email addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses and reply to emails from SYSU without delay during the processing of the application. Any failure to reply emails in time or provide supplementary documents within a certain period as required will be regarded as the applicants’ giving up on the application or admission offer. SYSU may also revoke the scholarship granted to the applicants.

4. Scholarship Amount:

(1) Liberal Arts, Economics and Managerial Science Majors: RMB 56,000 yuan/person/academic year (including tuition fee RMB 26,000 yuan/person/academic year and living allowance RMB 30,000 yuan/person/academic year)

(2) Science and Engineering Majors: RMB 63,800 yuan/person/academic year (including tuition fee RMB 33,800 yuan/person/academic year and living allowance RMB 30,000 yuan/person/academic year)

(3) Medical Science Majors: RMB 78,000 yuan/person/academic year (including tuition fee RMB 48,000 yuan/person/academic year and living allowance RMB30,000 yuan/person/academic year)

The tuition fee in the scholarship will be deducted directly; thus the scholarship recipient won’t have to pay for the tuition fee. Accommodation fee and comprehensive insurance for international students will be deducted from the living allowance in the scholarship, and the remaining amount will be transferred to the individual bank account of the recipient every month after enrolment and registration. However, the recipient shall be responsible for the fees of visa application, round-trip air tickets and physical examination, and all other fees.

5. Scholarship Granting Period:

(1) In principle, the scholarship will cover the normal study period of the undergraduate programme.

(2) Scholarship recipients without adequate Chinese language proficiency must take a Chinese preparatory course for one academic year, but the scholarship will cover the normal study period of the undergraduate programme and the period of the Chinese preparatory course as well.

(3) A scholarship review will be carried out by the university annually to assess the recipients’ academic and overall performance. Only recipients who pass the review can receive the scholarship funding in the following academic year.

6. Selection Procedure:

(1) After the application deadline, SYSU will organize a panel of experts to review the application documents and admit applicants on the overall assessment of their scores and all other supporting documents. During the process, long-distance or face-to-face interviews will be conducted, if necessary.

(2) In June, 2019, pre-admission results will be sent to applicants via emails and the application website.

(3) In July, 2019, after the confirmation of the Admission List, admission materials will be posted to scholarship recipients according to the postal addresses provided by the recipients on the application system. Scanned copies of the materials will also be available after contact with SYSU.

(4) The admitted applicants should apply for X1 visa from the Chinese Embassy with their Admission Letter and the Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW201/202). The X1 visa holders must go through residential formalities in the local public security departments within thirty days of entry into China. Otherwise, the admitted applicants will face expulsion. Besides, SYSU won’t accept registration of students without a valid student visa.

(5) The admitted applicant must register according to the date and the campus in the Admission Letter.

7. Enquires

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